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Barneys New York & Gaga’;s Workshop Opening

Barneys New York. November 21, 2011. By Bennett Marcus

What’s your favorite thing in the workshop? “The hair bows.” —Lady Gaga

For you, what was it like doing this project? “We just wanted to do something fun for the holiday, for kids and older people, people that love her and people that don’t really love her music.” —Nicola Formichetti

What did you buy? “I got a lot of stuff for my niece. Fake press-on nails every 9-year-old needs those.” —Alexander Wang

Lynn Yaeger

How did you pull all this off? “It started with Nicola and Gaga, they drew a little sketch of her boudoir, and he said, ‘Can we make it all out of hair?’; So it was, like, only Bob Racine could do it.” —Dennis Freedman (Getty Images)

Did you pick up anything from the workshop? “I got the nails, and I’m asking about the teacup.” Are you going to ask the costume designer if you can wear the nails on Gossip Girl? “Costume designer? That’s makeup, sir.” —Blake Lively

Christian Siriano

If you did your own Santa’s workshop, what would it be like? “There wouldn’t be as much black as there is here, and there would be way more glitter, and probably a lot more neon.” —Brad Goreski

Monique Pean

What did you buy? “The Gaga children’s sunglasses fit my face remarkably well. I bought a lot of holiday gifts. When I know that part of it goes to charity, and I also know it’s the holiday season and we have, like, rabid Gaga-fan friends, it’s a no-brainer. Oh and I can sell a lot on eBay.” —Neil Patrick Harris with David Burtka

Mark Lee (Getty Images)

How do you feel about the shop? “I’m just way too excited about Gaga. I’m buying for my nephew and my niece, and I’m a huge fan, too.” —Prabal Gurung

Pamela Love

What did you buy? “Nails. For Fashion Week in February. Planning in advance; it’s all about planning outfits. The nail candy is like $25.” The hair bows are $85. “$85! I love them, but I’d rather make something out of my pubic hair. I’m kidding, no!” —Bryanboy

You have a full shopping basket. A stuffed animal, a skull. “It’s the perfect time for buying Christmas gifts that are probably going to be sold out tomorrow. They’re all for me! Gifts for me.” —Lorenzo Martone

Carolyn Murphy

David Blond & Phillipe Blond

What did you buy tonight? “Well, it’s apparently a keychain, but we’re putting it on our Christmas tree. It’s a crocheted version of Lady Gaga.” That’s so cute. “With beer cans in her hair.” —Jesse Tyler Ferguson with Justin Mikita

Giovanna Battaglia (Getty Images)

What would the elves in your workshop be wearing? “They’d be wearing harnesses; it would be dirty. You know, like, in Holland the, em, there’s some weird ritual about Santa Claus, it’s not reindeer that pull his sleigh, it’s slaves, and they’re all harnessed up.” —Alan Cumming

Matthew Searle

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