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‘War Horse’ World Premiere

Avery Fisher Hall. December 4, 2011. By Peggy Truong

Do you still keep in touch with the horse from the film? “He’s a huge movie star now; a much bigger movie star than I am. He’s probably off in some other horse film, like Clash of the Titans 2.” —TOM HIDDLESTON


Are you the type to get emotionally attached to an animal, the way Jeremy Irvine’s character is with his horse? “Yes. I recently closed the door on my dog’s tail by accident and I’ve been in intense therapy to get over it. The whole time I was watching this movie, looking at the horses, I was just seeing my dog. I’m a little shaky.” —MAX WINKLER


Did you ever feel like the horse upstaged you in your shared scenes? “Definitely. There’s a scene where I’m at my most, sort of intense and angry and raging at my husband, and the horse is just gently nibbling his shoulder, tipping his hat.” —EMILY WATSON


Are you known for being emotionally attached to animals? “You know what? [Reaches into his pocket, grabs some pink tissues.] I know Steven Spielberg is gonna make me cry.” —TONY DANZA (Eugene Gologursky/WireImage)


Steven Spielberg directed this movie. Do you have a favorite Spielberg movie? Jurassic Park. I still remember the cover for the VHS: ‘It’s 65 million years in the making.’” —ED WESTWICK


Are you known for being emotionally attached to animals? “No. I don’t have any animals. I’ve never had animals. I’m not a big animal person. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like them. I was vegetarian too.” —DAVID THEWLIS


party lines image