PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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party lines image

Opening Night of ‘The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess’

Richard Rodgers Theater and McKittrick Hotel. January 12, 2012. By Shira Levine

Meryl Streep is your mother-in-law. You must have some great drinking games come Oscar season. “We absolutely do not. Any drinking games we do are completely separate from the Oscars. It’s all classy in our family. Keep it classy and sacred.” —BENJAMIN WALKER


Two guys have to die onstage in this production. You probably know a lot about how to die well onstage. “I’ve almost died onstage three times, but not fictionally, in real life: I set fire to myself with a match; a 200-pound light fell out of the rafters and came down within an inch of killing me; and I choked on a hair once in Cleveland, playing in the Book of Job.” —ALAN ALDA


What do you know about stage dying? “My father was an actor and I remember him doing a play where he had to die every night. He’d make himself all sweaty and he’d just die night after night after night. It was a very draining thing for him. It was confusing for me.” —MATTHEW BRODERICK


Opening nights are exciting and scary. Have you ever totally bombed onstage? “There are always evenings where things go not as you hoped, but oftentimes that bombing becomes bonding for the cast. I suppose it’s like being on the Titanic—sometimes it brings out the best in people, sometimes the worst.” —NATHAN LANE


You’re presenting at the Golden Globes this weekend. Are you doing anything to prepare? “Nooooo. What’s nice about presenting is you don’t have to worry about anything. The only thing I do to prepare is call my friends and make sure they are going to be ready for the good parties.” —PIPER PERABO


Do you prefer theater to TV? “Oh yes, theater for sure. I like live people. I don’t like working for those machines. The money doesn’t really satisfy me there.” —ESTELLE PARSONS


How do you die realistically when you’ve never really done it for real? “You watch a lot of videos of people dying. Really dying. You watch Faces of Death. It’s awful.” —EDIE FALCO

party lines image