PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Writers Guild East Coast Awards Ceremony

B.B. King Blues Club. February 19, 2012. By Jennifer Vineyard

Do you have any rituals while writing? A reward system? “Well, Annie [Mumolo] and I, when we wrote Bridesmaids, we would definitely go shopping every day for food and snacks. Trader Joe’s in L.A. made a lot of money off of us. I like a good Pirate’s Booty.” —KRISTEN WIIG


What kind of writing rituals do you have? “You always need coffee. Coffee, and you have to waste a lot of time.” —JONATHAN AMES

JIMMY FALLON (Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Is there extra pressure to host because you’re in front of a room full of writers? “It’s the scariest room!” Any way to take the edge off? “I’m afraid to drink, because I don’t want to be slurring my words. Afterwards, I’ll be downing the Pinot Grigio. I sound like Ramona from Real Housewives.” —RACHEL DRATCH


After Bridesmaids, people were shocked that women could be funny... “I know! How crazy is that? It’s 2012 and we’re still, ‘It’s groundbreaking!’ If women being funny is still groundbreaking in 2012, we’re in a bad era.” —PAUL FEIG


Do you eat a lot while you’re writing? “You got to eat whatever you want while you’re writing. You got to eat the most disgusting stuff you can find. The most disgusting stuff I’ve eaten was at SNL at three in the morning: old, cold Carmine’s meatballs that had been delivered five hours earlier. That’s probably the worst. Old balls!” —Tina Fey With Paula Pell


Do you carry a notebook around in case you think of something you might want to write about? “I have notebooks full of nonsense—it’s got to go somewhere, right? But I’m the only person who can read my handwriting. Left-handed penmanship.” —ROBERT CARLOCK


Do you have any writing rituals or a system to keep you going? “Sometimes I give myself a reward. Like when I was writing Funny People, if I wrote for two or three hours, I would allow myself to watch an episode of The Wire. So I got through both my script and five seasons of The Wire.” —JUDD APATOW

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