PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Jeffrey Fashion Cares 2012

Intrepid Air and Space Museum. March 26, 2012. By Andrea Mazandi

Some New York City schools are banning skinny and baggy jeans because they’re too revealing. Do you think it’s a good idea? “I would never support going to school showing your belly or showing your boobs. But I do think that the school system is being a little too critical of kids, because all they’re doing is trying to express themselves.” —ANNE V.



Will Lisa ever wear something besides that red dress? “She wears the same thing every day unless she is going to church. Then she wears that great little pink dress. I don’t think we’ve actually ever seen Lisa Simpson in pants. She is a creature of habit.” —YEARDLEY SMITH


Are you pro- or anti-school uniforms? “I did have a school uniform for about four years and I hated it! It was black. I know that Coco Chanel said that the little black dress is always in fashion, but it was boring.” —IRINA SHAYK

If you were going to auction yourself off, how much do you think you would you go for? “Oh, I would like to think I’m priceless. But I’ve been auctioned off before, and the most I’ve ever sold for was $28,000 to someone. I have no idea if they were overpaying.” —ROBERT VERDI

Did you ever wear really inappropriate outfits to school? “One time I went to school in pajamas that I had drawn all over, like graffiti. It was around Keith Haring time. And now I get nightmares about wearing my pajamas to work.” —PHILLIP BLOCH


Are you doing any more collaborations with Opening Ceremony soon? “No, actually they’ve been so busy in Paris with Kenzo that we haven’t really talked about it, but they’re back in town this week. We’re going to have a real sitdown and decide our next move.” —CHLOË SEVIGNY


We saw you singing in the Sophomore video. Were you nervous about that? “Not really, because I’d had a margarita.” —JESSICA STAM




Are you wearing burgundy velvet Dr. Martens? “I am! I love them. They were sold out for years and then I found them in Paris at a store where they had some old sales. They’re a real tuxedo shoe.” —OLIVIER THEYSKENS

party lines image