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‘Vogue’ and Jenna Lyons Toast the 2011 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award Recipients

Locanda Verde. April 11, 2012. By Andrea Mazandi

Where are you living now that you sold your brownstone? “My situation didn’t allow me a lot of lead time before I decided to move, so this place is a rental. The interior is actually pretty cool; I’m living in the original old American Express building. I’m still looking for someplace to buy.” —JENNA LYONS


Have you ever won something exciting at another point in your life? “In high school I was voted class secretary, and that was a pretty exciting win for me!” —PAMELA LOVE


Who was the first person you told when you found out you’d been nominated for a CFDA award? “I told our intern, who was in the room with me.” —SHANE GABIER


I heard you make regular announcements over the P.A. system at J.Crew. “I find it’s the best way to share information when I travel worldwide. I call in regularly, wherever I am in the world, in the U.S. or from the stores I visit. I say whatever’s on my mind.” —MICKEY DREXLER


What does your husband think about you being a fashion icon? “He gets so much more of a kick out of this than I do. I think it’s crazy, because I’m not doing anything differently than I’ve done for the last 70 years. And now all of sudden they carry on like I invented penicillin.” —IRIS APFEL


Carine Roitfeld is starting her own magazine. Would you ever do that? “No, absolutely not. I think having a clothing line is hard enough, and magazines look really tough, too, so doing both sounds like a nightmare.” —CARLY CUSHNIE



Have you been practicing a CFDA acceptance speech? “No, not at all. Should I? I used to be a filmmaker, and when I was a kid I used to practice Oscar speeches. But I’ve never practiced a CFDA acceptance speech.” —MAX OSTERWEIS


If you were to launch your own magazine, what would it look like? “I would do a magazine about owls called Hoot, because I collect owls and I’m obsessed with owls. I would probably not do a print edition, though. It would probably just be online.” —STEVEN KOLB

ANDREW ROSEN (Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

Do you ever fantasize about a career change? “I keep thinking, am I going to be a florist? Or do I want to open a bookstore? The fashion time span is so short compared to the human life span that I think we have to consider multiple careers.” —DEREK LAM


Have you won any major prizes for non-fashion things before? “When I was in college, I sang a cappella, and I won Best Soloist of the Northeast at an a cappella competition. It was a big deal for me. I sang ‘Goodnight Moon’ by Shivaree. It was super nineties.” —JOSEPH ALTUZARRA

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