PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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party lines image

The Shops at Target Launch

IAC Building. May 1, 2012. By Jamie Miles

What do you want for Mother’s Day? “I’m hoping my husband will make me a meal. Make me dinner.” Is he intimidated to cook for you? “He is. I’m hoping that I can change that. He makes great eggs with breakfast.” —GIADA DE LAURENTIIS


How did you acquire the figure for “Fat” Betty this season? “She’s not fat, she’s just bigger and it was all prosthetics.” Did it make you appreciate “Skinny” Betty more? “Well, she was meaner.” —JANUARY JONES


Have you ever gotten in a fight to buy something? “Yeah I was, like, 13, and I was in line for a pair of Jordan’s, and I got hit with a police baton.” Where was this? “Brooklyn. Everyone was going insane for these shoes. I was in line, and the cops came and started roughing us up.” —THEOPHILUS LONDON



Is your jacket Feed? It matches your Feed bag. “It does ... It’s tweed. It’s not Feed, but that’s funny. Tweed Feed! Maybe that’ll be the next collaboration.” —LAUREN BUSH


What’s the last thing you bought at Target? “Two days ago I bought six Ball jars. They’re these gallon-size glass jars, and they’re really beautiful. They shipped today.” —KIM HASTREITER


Do you buy anything weird in bulk at Target? “I’m obsessed with oral-hygiene rinse. Like Crest oral-hygiene rinse. Alcohol-free. I get, like, gallon jugs of it. I’m obsessed with it! I love a drugstore.” —MICKEY BOARDMAN

party lines image