PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

party lines image
party lines image

Screening of ‘Hysteria’ Hosted by JimmyJane and The Peggy Siegal Company

Landmark Theatres Sunshine Cinema and Hotel Chantelle. May 15, 2012. By Jennifer Vineyard

The movie is about the invention of the vibrator, so you’ll be getting one in your gift bag. “Oh my goodness.” Will this be your first? “It’ll be a first! I came to the party, and I left with a vibrator.” —ANGELA LANSBURY


When was the last time you were in a sex shop? “I just went to the Pleasure Chest with my friend, and there are some vibrators that are so high-tech now. There’s one that looks like an iPod. If someone walks in on you, they would be like, ‘Why are you rubbing your iPod on your clitoris?’” —HALLEY FEIFFER


You guys had a pretty memorable masturbation scene on Girls recently. “I feel like it’s true to life. It’s not a secret that women masturbate. But I don’t think we have any vibrator episodes coming up. I don’t think they’re trying to push any buttons per se.” —CHRISTOPHER ABBOTT


A lot of men are threatened by vibrators. You? “They’ve actually never been a part of my life. Not as far as I know! Unless my partners kept things from me.” —JONATHAN PRYCE


They’re going to give you a vibrator at the party. Will this be your first? “You know, I’ve never gotten one before. Can I use it for other things? Fixing up a smoothie?” —JESSE METCALFE


You’re getting a vibrator tonight. “And I promise to use it. I’m looking forward to using that vibrator.” —RACHAEL HARRIS


Some guys are threatened by vibrators. Are you? “Nah. Grow up. They need to grow up. It’s all about pleasure. And you can use them for other things. Whip an egg. Get a good froth foam on your milk in the morning.” —BENJAMIN WALKER


party lines image