PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Women In Film Celebration Hosted by IFP, Calvin Klein Collection & euphoria Calvin Klein

Villa St. George, Cannes, France. May 17, 2012. By Jada Yuan

Does this Cannes feel different to you from last year? “I’m a lot more relaxed than last year, when I was crying in the car to Tree of Life out of nerves. I sometimes am a ball of nerves, you know. I was like, I am so scared.” —JESSICA CHASTAIN (Getty Images)

LARA STONE (Getty Images)

Are you going to swim naked in the Mediterranean while you’re here? “I would love to swim naked in the Mediterranean. Yes! That is definitely on my agenda.” Are you going to go someplace private, or do you not care? “It’s France!” —SHAILENE WOODLEY (Getty Images)


NAOMI WATTS (Getty Images)

Paparazzi wear tuxedos here. “I know, it’s really nice. I think that’s my new rule: If they don’t wear a tux, I don’t give them a picture.” —MELISSA GEORGE (Getty Images)

ASTRID MUÑOZ (Getty Images)


Any drawbacks to partying on a yacht? “No, I can’t say there is. Just make sure you can always see the shore.” —JADA PINKETT SMITH (Getty Images)

BEN STILLER (Getty Images)

ISLA FISHER (Getty Images)

Is there anything bad about riding on yachts? “The company, occasionally. Once you’re on a boat, you’re stuck. And it’s never my boat. So you’re just stuck.” —JOSHUA JACKSON (Getty Images)

CHRIS ROCK (Getty Images)

HAYLEY ATWELL (Getty Images)

Do you think you and Jean Paul Gaultier will be in cahoots on the jury? “Hopefully. I don’t know. We’ll see.” —DIANE KRUGER (Getty Images)

party lines image