PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Comedy Central's Live Election Viewing Party

Edison Ballroom. November 6, 2012. By Katie Van Syckle

What is the most red-state thing about you? “That’s a good question. My parents.” —SCOTT ADSIT


Did you vote today? “I did. In the East Village.” How did that go? “It just seemed very antiquated. Shouldn’t it be a little smoother than pads and loose-leaf books with your names in it?” —TODD BARRY


What’s the most red-state thing about you? “I’ve got twelve guns. ” In your House? “In various places around the city, in case there is a crisis. Nothing really happens at my house, but something might happen if I am somewhere else.” HANNIBAL BURESS


How did you spend your day? “I woke up early and I did some phone banking.” When you call people, do you say, "Hi, this is Adrian"? “No, I say, ‘Hi, this is Vince from Entourage.’ Of course I say ‘this is Adrian.’” —ADRIAN GRENIER

What was your Hurricane Sandy experience like? For a while, I had to call 311 and I was like, ‘I live in Zone B and my apartment just floated into Zone A. Does that mean I have to evacuate?' They didn’t have an answer.JUDAH FRIEDLANDER


How did your voting day go? Did you have trouble at the polls? “I don’t know if you’ve seen my hat [points to his Toronto Maple Leafs hat], but I’m not from your country.” —JASON JONES


What’s the most red-state thing about you? “I’ve got a zero-tolerance policy for, like, skankiness. I can be very guarded about people who I see on the subway, where I am like, ‘No, please pull that down, cover up the cleavage, reel it in.” —JESSICA WILLIAMS


party lines image