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Cocktail Party for Silver Linings Playbook hosted by The Peggy Siegal Company

Le Cirque. December 19, 2012. By Jennifer Vineyard

They have the big dance competition in the movie where they do the Dirty Dancing lift. Can you do it? “I've tried. It looks really easy, but to lift somebody up, over your shoulder, while you're moving, and she's flying? You got to be mad strong. I'm not that strong.” —JOHN LEGUIZAMO (Photo: Marion Curtis/

DR. MEHMET OZ (Photo: Marion Curtis/

They are obsessed in this movie with the Eagles. What team does that for you? “Yankees! My mother was a bookie.” Did your mom teach you how to bet? “She taught me how to play cards. She taught me how to cheat. But I won fair and square.” —JOE PANTOLIANO (Photo: Marion Curtis/

JANE ROSENTHAL (Photo: Marion Curtis/

If pop culture is not the cause for most of the violence in America, what is? “I think one thing that there should be is some regulation of guns. It's crazy how almost anyone can get access to a gun.” —ROBERT DE NIRO (Photo: Marion Curtis/

STEPHEN DALDRY (Photo: Marion Curtis/

They are obsessed in this movie with the Eagles. What's your team? “The Yankees. I always have them on my sports app on my phone, and I won't listen to the game on the radio if I'm TIVO-ing it.” —GIANCARLO ESPOSITO (Photo: Marion Curtis/

BARRY LEVINSON (Photo: Marion Curtis/

Do you have any team you would obsess over the way they do the Eagles? —As I get older, I'm not as passionate about any particular team, because I look at them as businesses now. It's like rooting for Wal-Mart.” —ROBERT WUHL (Photo: Marion Curtis/

DAVID O. RUSSELL (Photo: Marion Curtis/

You know the big dance number in the movie? Can you do the lift? “Yes! You just leap and hope for the best. Leap and aim for air.” —LORI SINGER (Photo: Marion Curtis/

BOB BALABAN (Photo: Marion Curtis/

party lines image