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Thirtysomething (and Up) Gay Bar


624 Tenth Ave., nr. W. 44th St. 917-388-2897
Hell’s Kitchen’s trendy gay bars have a tendency to blend into one another, but for this moment at least, the neighborhood standout is Bar-Tini. The primary appeal is in the sleek white décor, the fit bartenders in tank tops, and the health-conscious cocktails (a 90-calorie margarita made with Partida agave nectar or an “Antioxidant Martini,” both $11). On “Tune-In Tuesdays,” host Emily McNamara brings in singers to perform cabaret style, and on Wednesdays, the bar hosts “Faggot Feud,” a tradition inherited from the now-closed Chelsea bar XL. But Friday and Saturday nights are the real stars, with well-heeled men mingling and dancing to a mix of one-named pop divas (Ke$ha, Gaga, Janet, Whitney) under the flashing lights.


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