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Bar Roulette


Sophia Heinke, student, and Robert Bell, dining manager

8:38 p.m. at Hot Bird

Robert: What are you doing in Brooklyn tonight?
Sophia: I’m meeting with some friends that are over there.
Robert: That’s beautiful. Friends and possibilities!
Sophia: I mean, they are a couple, and I’m just their friend.
Robert: Well, the friend always has more opportunities.
Sophia: Ah, okay.
Robert: So, Sophia, do you have a boyfriend? Girlfriend?
Sophia: No, I don’t.
Robert: Well, that’s a terrible loss. Let me give you a kiss on both cheeks, yes?
Sophia: Okay.
Robert: Yes, come here. Okay, good. What actually motivates you? What is the engine of emotionality that brings you to this moment right now? Are you interested in being alive?
Sophia: I’m interested in being with my two friends over there.

A week later 

Sophia on Robert: He was a little bit drunk, and I was not. So that was a little bit weird. He kind of came a little too close. He was a bit overwhelming.
Robert on Sophia: She was fantastic.

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