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What Does Your Drink Say About You?

Six strangers in an East Village bar reflect on their own drink orders and analyze one another’s.


Where: Saxon + Parole (316 Bowery, at Bleecker St.; 212-254-0350)

Tracy D.Wright, 32, Electrician
My Duvel: “My drink tells you that I work hard and need something to cool me down. I want the Coors Silver Bullet to come plowing through and spray me with snow.”

Her Champagne Negroni: “She’s got a froufrou drink. She’s probably been out shopping or something, and now she wants to party.”

McKenzie Hebron, 23, Server
My Champagne Negroni: “My friends ordered this for me. I’m already drunk, so I like it. It tells you I’m into trying new things.”

Her Bon Vivant (triple sec, rye whiskey, bitters, Dubonnet): “She knows what she wants in life, because that cocktail isn’t on the menu. Ordering off-the-menu is fucking hot.”

Chloë Fontana, 36, Artist’s Model
My Bon Vivant: “It’s balanced, just like me. I’m a Libra. I like to be around beautiful things. It also reminds me of an open fire and warm surroundings, and I like comfort.”

Her Syrah Grenache: “She knows how to relax. She’s probably very adaptable. Also, she’s drinking it slowly, savoring it. That says she’s an elegant woman.”

Kim de Los Angeles, 26, Music Manager
My Syrah Grenache: “I have a very high-stress life, and red wine is my only form of relaxation. It’s like my Xanax.”

His Yankee Mule (Absolut, housemade ginger beer, lime): “He’s lighthearted and wants to have a good time. He probably has a serious job, and that drink is the opposite of serious.”

Hamish Cook, 33, Tech Entrepreneur
My Yankee Mule: “This drink is refreshing, spicy, and tart, and contains fresh ginger, so it has some health benefits. It tells you that I’m in severe need of a detox. Or maybe it tells you that I am in detox denial.”

Her Ommegang Witte: “She’s drinking beer, so she must be confident.”

Tammy Vo, 34, Pharmacist
My Ommegang Witte: “I like premium beer. This drink says I can be both chill and classy, sophisticated but not too uptight. Quality is important, but at the same time I can appreciate simple things.”


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