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Adam Sternbergh

November 19, 2007 | Features
The Embers of Gentrification

A few years ago, it seemed that bourgeois New York, like the universe, was expanding infinitely. But the Red Hook Real-Estate Slowdown Theory of Yuppie-Hipster Equilibrium suggests otherwise.

October 15, 2007 | Feature
A Five-Minute Call for the Undulating Curve of Shifting Expectations!

No art form lives and dies by word of mouth quite like the Broadway show. And this fall, you’ve likely heard that quite a few shows are supposed to be good.

October 15, 2007 | Intelligencer
We’ve Mets the Enemy

The true fan appreciates the choke as much as the big win.

October 1, 2007 | Feature
Back From the Dead

Peter Krause, the lovable scoundrel from Six Feet Under, is up to his old tricks.

September 24, 2007 | Feature

British sci-fi spinoff or high-quality dinnerware?

September 17, 2007 | Feature
In a Festive Mood on the Undulating Curve of Shifting Expectations!

Nothing signals the start of high-culture season like the onslaught of fall film festivals: Telluride, Venice, Toronto, oh my!

September 17, 2007 | Feature

HBO’s great show about bad sex.

August 20, 2007 | Feature
Beauty and the Bleak

In her life story, Mary-Louise Parker has had her ascent and her crisis. She’s ready for the happy ending.

August 13, 2007 | Feature
A Viral Victim on the Undulating Curve of Shifting Expectations!

There’s already a backlash against the J.J. Abrams–produced horror film, Monstrous, which is weird, because not only has the movie not yet come out, but it’s currently still filming on the streets of New York.

July 30, 2007 | Intelligencer

How to be the next network wunderkind.

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