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Rebecca Milzoff

April 24, 2006 | Spring Cleaning 2006
Office Space

How to go from chaos to orderly, alphabetized serenity.

April 24, 2006 | Spring Cleaning 2006
A Kitchen of Distinction

How to get the fridge shining, the stove gleaming and the cabinets impeccably crumb-free.

April 24, 2006 | Spring Cleaning 2006
Spring Cleaning

De-grime the kitchen yourself? Outsource your shameful clutter to an expert? Either way, it’s time to organize, disinfect, air out, and otherwise improve your home (and yourself).

April 24, 2006
The Open-House Log

Apartment-shoppers at a Fort Greene open house opine on a one-bedroom on South Oxford Street.

March 13, 2006 | The Pop Music Review
Lullabies for Brooklyn

Hem plays pretty, country-inflected songs that are everything but cool.

February 14, 2006 | Intelligencer
O 'Brothers,' What a Deal!

$2 mil remake payday for NYC lit-boy, David Benioff?

December 5, 2005 | Feature
Influences: Patti Smith

Thirty years after Horses, the thin white duchess of CBGB talks about Callas, Oz, and not becoming Kiss.

October 31, 2005 | Feature
Pop Star: Matt Pond

"People think we’re assholes because we use a cello sometimes, and I think that’s funny."

October 17, 2005 | Intelligencer
CT Goes O.C.

Snotty suburban student musical a smash!

October 17, 2005 | Television
Man of the House: Reverend Run

"You like Kenny G?" "Love, not like. I could play it all day."

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