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Jeremy McCarter

March 26, 2007 | The Theater Review
Everything Is Illuminated

The greatest-actor-of-his-generation label is a lot to stick on a guy, but Talk Radio gives Liev Schreiber a chance to back up the hype.

March 7, 2007 | The Theater Review
The Taming of King Lear

Kevin Kline is the latest star to fail the test of Shakespeare.

March 12, 2007 | The Theater Review
Somme Story

You’d think we’ve seen every possible war-is-hell tale—yet Journey’s End still has the power to silence an audience.

March 5, 2007 | The Theater Review
Arise, Ye Prisoners of Tom Stoppard

Somehow, the eight hours of dialogue in The Coast of Utopia leave one hungry for more talk.

February 26, 2007 | The Theater Review
Something’s Coming

First Spring Awakening, now In the Heights: Could musicals actually be adapting to a new century’s audience?

February 19, 2007 | The Theater Review
Prejudicial Restraint

A pair of Elizabethan plays notorious for their monstrous stereotypes get a thoughtful airing-out.

February 12, 2007 | The Theater Review
The Play Really Is the Thing

And without one, the best actors in the world can’t save you.

February 5, 2007 | Feature
Listen to Me, I’m Irish

Translations takes the Gaelic affection for language—and makes it the subject of a play. Can glorious words carry a whole drama?

January 8, 2007 | The Theater Review
Fabergé Acting

Part Two of The Coast of Utopia is a chance to see stage work—from stars and journeymen alike—at its zenith.

December 25, 2006 | The Theater Review
No Show Tunes Allowed

Spring Awakening may finally succeed where so many others have failed, bringing pop music people care about to Broadway.

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