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David Blum

June 10, 1985 | Feature
Hollywood’s Brat Pack

They're Rob, Emilio, Sean, Tom, Judd, and the rest—the young movie stars you can't quite keep straight. But they're already rich and famous. They're what kids want to see and what kids want to be.

September 5, 1988 | Book/Author Profile
Slave of New York

Jay McInerney is back with another nightlife novel.

July 20, 1987 | Feature
Couch Potatoes

The New Nightlife

December 5, 2005 | Feature
Anchor Roulette

Can you pick the Next Big News Star? If so, you’re one up on CBS and ABC.

February 7, 2005 | Feature
Black Days at Black Rock

Inside CBS News, the rage over the handling of the National Guard fiasco only deepens. And does Les Moonves really have a plan for replacing Dan Rather?

September 20, 2004 | Profile
Don Hewitt's 59th Minute

This will be the first season of 60 Minutes without its legendary creator and executive producer. A look at the last days of a network-news King Lear.