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Barry E. Greenberg, PC


The Case: For the second year in a row, Barry E. Greenberg has obtained one of New York’s top recoveries. Greenberg was listed in last year’s publication of New York’s Top Verdicts & Settlements for an $8 million settlement that he achieved in a case involving a 17-year-old student at Flushing High School, who was rendered a quadriplegic after sustaining a paralyzing injury during a football scrimmage.

Greenberg met with the student, Blake Hunt, every two weeks during the three years that it took to achieve a recovery in his case. “I do every single part of the process, from the intake of a case through the trial, along with the appeal that might be necessary to achieve the best result for my client,” Greenberg notes.

Although Hunt’s case has been resolved, Greenberg—who has developed a reputation for his attentiveness to his clients’ needs—continues to speak and visit with Blake, helping to arrange for establishing a Trust, and working with the Trustee and Handicap Care Agency to help him find a suitable and well located apartment and make the arrangements to have the apartment and entrance modified to meet his needs. Greenberg also continues to discuss health care arrangements and plans for attending school, while providing advice on personal problems and difficulties as they arise. “It’s very important to me that Blake is able to live a full life and that he has the proper equipment, assistance, and setup to do that,” Greenberg says.

This year, Greenberg is being featured in New York’s Top Verdicts & Settlements for his comprehensive work in a left turn motor vehicle accident (in addition to trying the case, Greenberg handled all of the appellate work). “This case had more to do with principle than money,” he says. “My client, Ray Hammond, wanted to feel that justice had been served and that there was recognition by our Judicial System that the defendants were liable and held accountable.”

On the afternoon of February 4, 2004, Raymond Hammond, a 42-year-old optician, was walking his six-year-old daughter home from school. As they crossed a street in Queens, Hammond had almost reached the sidewalk with his daughter when he was struck by a left turning car. Hammond managed to push his daughter onto the sidewalk, saving her from being struck by the vehicle a second before it hit him. Subsequently, Hammond suffered disabling injuries that required a three-and-a-half-month hospital stay and a one-month stay in a rehabilitation center.

The Verdict: Greenberg attained a jury verdict of $5 million for pain and suffering damages and his wife’s derivative claim. (During the trial he’d asked for $4.5 million, but the first question the jury came back with was whether they could award more money.) Following the trial, Greenberg argued the appeal, in which $3.2 million was upheld.

Over the past 31 years, Barry Greenberg has handled thousands of accident and medical malpractice cases, achieving some of the highest settlements and verdicts in his field. Still, Greenberg remains committed to providing his clients with personal attention and comprehensive service. “My clients will not be shuffled from one attorney or paralegal to another,” he notes. “They will speak to me from the very beginning of their case to the very end of their case.”

From offices conveniently located in New York City and Long Island, Greenberg is able to meet with clients across the New York metropolitan area. He also offers a service called “Visiting Lawyers,” where he and/or his investigators will visit with victims of serious accidents and medical malpractice in their homes or at the hospital immediately following their accident to conduct a thorough investigation.

Greenberg considers his clients to be the best resource for achieving a successful outcome, and remains in contact with them long after their cases have been resolved. Many of his referrals stem from friends and family members of former clients, and he notes that these referrals derive from his commitment to client satisfaction. “I am a partner with my clients, and I make sure that they understand the law that applies to their cases and the reasons why I am looking for specific information. I get tremendous satisfaction from knowing that I have provided the best legal representation possible.”

Barry E. Greenberg, PC
ph: 800.698.4748 (1-800-My-Visit)

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