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Torgan Cooper & Aaron, P.C.


From left: Mitchell Aaron, Evan Torgan, Ed Cooper.  

Torgan Cooper & Aaron, P.C. has a notable record of success for plaintiffs in negligence and medical malpractice cases, and a consistent record of verdicts and settlements above seven and eight figures, including the following:

$90.3 Million—Verdict
Brain-damaged baby caused by negligent neonatal care.

$64 Million—Verdict
Brain-damaged baby caused by obstetrical malpractice.

$30 Million—Verdict
Child struck by truck—leg fractures and cognitive injuries.

$22.9 Million—Verdict
Ferry’s crash caused fracture of passenger’s neck, paralysis.

$21.3 Million—Verdict
Fatal crash caused by car turning across traffic.

$20 Million—Settlement
Motorist pinned between cars—leg amputations.

$17.8 Million—Verdict
Passenger in automobile accident— herniated disc.

$16.8 Million—Verdict
Van struck in rear by tractor trailer— multiple injuries.

$14 Million—Settlement
Customer hit by falling merchandise—paralysis.

$14 Million—Settlement
Brain-damaged baby caused by obstetrical malpractice

$12.5 Million—Settlement
Injuries to motocyclist caused by improper signs on roadway.

$9.5 Million—Verdict
Pedestrian struck by taxi due to steam condition on street.

$7.75 Million—Verdict
Police officer’s car hit by drunk driver—knee and back injuries.

$7 Million—Verdict
Matron in ambulette struck by truck resulting in herniated discs.

$7 Million—Settlement
Child struck by truck resulting in skull fracture.

$7 Million—Settlement
Brain-damaged baby caused by neonatal malpractice.

$7 Million—Settlement
Child struck by drunk driver caused brain damage.

$6.5 Million—Settlement
Brain-damaged baby caused by obstetrical malpractice.

$6 Million—Settlement
Negligent design of gas station— customer hit by car.

$5.5 Million—Settlement
Motorist injured on negligently designed and maintained roadway.

$5.5 Million—Settlement
Motorist struck by police vehicle causing injury.

$5 Million—Verdict
Hit in rear in stop-and-go traffic— disc and shoulder injuries.

$5 Million—Settlement
Failure to diagnose osteomyelitis.

$5 Million—Settlement
Bicyclist falls after striking construction plate in road.

$4.75 Million—Settlement
Labor Law—fall from scaffold caused multiple fractures.

$4.6 Million—Settlement
Obstetrical malpractice caused injury to newborn.

$3.9 Million—Settlement
Mother killed by truck reversing down a one-way street.

$3.8 Million—Verdict
Driver broadsided—torn rotator cuff and herniated discs.

$3.65 Million—Settlement
Fall down wet steps caused a closed head injury.

$2.25 Million—Settlement
Motorist blows red light – neck injury.

$2.12 Million—Verdict
Construction flagger improperly directs traffic – neck injury.

$2.1 Million—Verdict
Police officer responding to emergency dies in crash.

Torgan Cooper & Aaron, P.C.
17 State Street, 39th Floor
New York, NY 10004
ph: 212.232.2500
fax: 212.232.2509

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