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Chemtob Moss & Forman, LLP


Seated, from left: Andrew M. Eliot, Mudita Chawla, Marcy Katz, Alexis Wolf. Standing, from left: Michael Beyda, Susan M. Moss, Nancy Chemtob, Joshua Forman, Jeremy J. Bethel.
Not Pictured: Angela Kim.  

As the founding partner of the New York matrimonial law firm Chemtob Moss & Forman, LLP, Nancy Chemtob has established a firm that focuses on benefiting the family as a whole. “We take a holistic approach to resolving cases so that they don’t become battles where there are no winners,” she says. “It’s rewarding when I can settle a case in four weeks and I don’t have to go to court.”

The firm is adept at handling contentious family law matters, counseling clients to ensure that their children receive the care of both parents. Attorneys at the firm are also experienced at overseeing intricate financial issues in cases involving complicated marital estates. “We give our clients the resources and confidence to settle or try even the most complicated of matters,” Chemtob adds. “Whether they need a parenting coordinator or a forensic accountant to trace money, we have no problem in hiring the best experts.”

As one of the most successful divorce firms in New York, the firm constantly faces new legal complexities.

Chemtob, who provided representation in one of the first same-sex divorces in the state, notes that the firm is currently handling a number of prenup and postnup agreements for same-sex couples. In addition, she has seen an increase in the amount of agreements being made between unmarried couples with children, as well as more women who are out-earning their husbands. “I’m seeing a shift where I’m now representing men who are asking for alimony.”

3 East 54th Street, 16th Floor
New York, NY 10022
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