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Frommer Lawrence & Haug LLP


As a leading partner in the New York office of Frommer Lawrence & Haug LLP, Dr. Sandra Kuzmich has established a legal practice built upon her extensive education and professional experiences. Her keen technical expertise and honed legal skill set allow her to successfully lead the firm’s life sciences practice group as it focuses on strategic intellectual property counseling and product life cycle management in the areas of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and biotechnology. Dr. Kuzmich’s success, however, extends beyond the practice of law as she ensures a thriving workplace through her efforts to encourage the mentoring of young attorneys and to spearhead FLH’s diversity initiatives.

After receiving her undergraduate degree in chemistry from Douglass College of Rutgers University and earning her Ph.D. in pharmacology from Yale University, Dr. Kuzmich spent several years in the private pharmaceutical sector managing a department in the U.S. and coordinating global initiatives with her European and Asian counterparts. At FLH, Dr. Kuzmich uses her previous administrative experience to not only actively participate in the firm’s upper management but to also act as a liaison to human resources. In this role, she encourages open lines of communication that benefit the workplace environment and strengthen the firm’s corporate culture around its most valuable resources—its employees and attorneys.

Dr. Kuzmich’s work extends outside of FLH’s U.S. office. As an active member of the Federal Circuit Bar Association (FCBA) and its International Series, in 2013 she has spoken about the patentability of chemical and pharmaceutical inventions in Seoul, South Korea and about privateering in Toronto. In addition, Dr. Kuzmich taught a two-day training course in South Africa regarding “The In-House Management of Inventions and Patents,” which was co-sponsored by the National Intellectual Property Management Office and the University of South Africa.

As FLH grows and evolves, the firm’s commitment to diversity also strengthens. Serving as mentor to those round her, Dr. Kuzmich encourages young attorneys at the firm to expand their involvement into various practice areas and to become proficient in their skills. More formally, Dr. Kuzmich leads FLH’s diversity initiative. Since being named in this role, the firm has become a sponsor for the Minority Corporate Counsel Association and the National Association of Women Lawyers. Dr. Kuzmich’s ability to recognize that lifecycle management is continuous and dynamic has allowed her to mange patent portfolios that take into consideration a client’s immediate and long-term business objective. Likewise, her ability to recognize the importance of a thriving workplace environment, an international audience and a diverse team structure has allowed her to cultivate a flourishing corporate culture at FLH.

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