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Landon Thomas Jr.

November 18, 2002 | The Business Class
Private Defender

Marty Lipton, legendary M&A lawyer and inventor of the poison pill, is back wearing a different hat -- as a troubleshooter for embattled CEOs like Citigroup's Sandy Weill.

October 28, 2002 | Profile
Jeffrey Epstein: International Moneyman of Mystery

He's pals with a passel of Nobel Prize–winning scientists, CEOs like Leslie Wexner of the Limited, socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, even Donald Trump. But it wasn't until he flew Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, and Chris Tucker to Africa on his private Boeing 727 that the world began to wonder who he is.

October 7, 2002 | The Business Class
The Two J.P. Morgans

William Harrison spent $41 billion trying to graft a blue-chip investment bank atop Chase-Chemical’s unglamorous loan business. Now both halves of his financial Frankenstein are struggling.

September 23, 2002 | The Business Class
Capitol Gains

Bob Torricelli was instrumental in moving Jon Corzine from Goldman Sachs to the Senate. Now that Torricelli is in trouble, guess who's coming to his rescue -- checkbook and Wall Street friends in tow?

September 8, 2002 | The Business Class
The Return of Ron

With Ron Perelman, the archetypal corporate raider, now one of Citigroup's largest shareholders, the wolf is finally on the inside.

August 19, 2002 | The Business Class
Board Stiffed

When the Whitney Museum's trustees convinced Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski to join their board, everyone thought they'd landed the richest prize in town. Careful what you wish for.

July 29, 2002 | The Business Class
Shorting George

When the president talks, Wall Street listens -- and sells. Why? He and his people may have been CEOs, but the approach that works in the boardroom doesn't translate to the trading floor.

July 8, 2002 | Feature
Who Knew?

Martha Stewart and her private banker, Peter Bacanovic, shared a gift for seeming to be perfect. But now the ImClone scandal is widening, and an obstruction-of-justice charge might loom. To paraphrase Martha, that's not a good thing.

June 17, 2002 | Feature
The Skakel Curse

Michael Skakel is the quintessential Kennedy-style bad boy -- except for one thing: He couldn't keep his mouth shut.

June 10, 2002 | The Business Class
The CEO Secret Sharer

While other banking stars play to the crowd, Gene Tiger Sykes of Goldman Sachs wins the big deals by wooing a more select audience: CEOs like C. Michael Armstrong and Carly Fiorina.