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Emily Nussbaum

February 26, 2007
The Incredible Shrinking Model

Why are models dwindling in size? Because they’ve dwindled in stature—from bodacious superstars to nameless, faceless manual laborers.

February 12, 2007 | Features
Say Everything

As younger people reveal their private lives on the Internet, the older generation looks on with alarm and misapprehension not seen since the early days of rock and roll. The future belongs to the uninhibited.

December 25, 2006 |
Because Nas and Kelis Make Marriage Seem Sexy

At this moment, in New York, the pair are in that sweet spot where a famous couple is also a kind of royalty—turning the city into their own personal romantic backdrop.

November 13, 2006 | The Book Review
The Feminine Mistake

Laura Kipnis engages in a very ambitious analysis—what ails women?—but fails to deliver a cure.

October 9, 2006 | Features
The Human Blog

Serial charmer and conservative turncoat Arianna Huffington reinvents herself yet again—as self-help guru and queen of connectedness.

October 2, 2006
Educating Cynthia

How the former Miranda learned to hide in plain sight.

September 11, 2006
A Hard Look in the Mirror

Beauty Junkies: Inside Our $15 Billion Obsession With Cosmetic Surgery promises a dose of perspective, if only because she is willing to explore her own contradictions—and the uglier side of her vanity.

August 24, 2006
All the World’s a Stage

Julianne Moore on her role in David Hare’s international-studies play The Vertical Hour—and how she almost skipped her return to Broadway.

July 24, 2006 | Features
Mothers Anonymous

In the collective id known as UrbanBaby, New York women confess their darkest fears about parenting and marriage—and, not infrequently, go to war over them.

July 24, 2006
Don’t Look Now

Paul Giamatti on the pleasures of fearing the bogeyman.

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