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Craig Horowitz

May 27, 2002 | World Affairs
Yasser, No Sir

Everyone with a stake in the Middle East -- even Arafat himself -- believes the Palestinian Authority needs reform. And then the arguing starts about what this means.

May 6, 2002 | Feature
No-Exit Endgame

Can Israel make peace by itself? As long as Yasser Arafat is in charge of the Palestinian Authority, it's going to try.

April 22, 2002 | World Affairs
Give Peace a Fence

Ehud Barak tried to negotiate peace with the Palestinians at Camp David. Now he believes peace could be created unilaterally -- with a wall.

March 4, 2002 | Feature
The Defense Rests -- Permanently

Innovations like mandatory sentencing and the plea bargaining it engenders are stacking the criminal-justice system against defendants while beginning to make superstar defense lawyers obsolete. No one feels sorry for the lawyers, of course. But is something valuable -- like, say, the presumption of innocence -- in danger of being lost?

January 14, 2002 | Feature
The Twice-Top Cop

Mayor Giuliani replaced NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly with Bill Bratton. Then crime dropped by more than 60 percent. Now Mayor Bloomberg has hired Ray Kelly back. Think Kelly's got something to prove?

December 24, 2001 | Feature
The Rabbi and the Playmate

When 20-year-old Lindsey Vuolo decided to pose for Playboy, she worried that telling her parents wasn't going to be easy. But she knew she was going to have to answer to perhaps an even higher authority: her rabbi.

December 10, 2001 | Feature
Justice Obstructed

Crime's up in the wake of September 11 -- but the courts have slowed way down.

October 8, 2001 | Feature
Crashing Green's Party

Three weeks ago, Mark Green seemed a good bet to be the next mayor, in a soporific race. Now he's playing Rudy and Freddy in a scintillating power-politics poker game.

September 24, 2001 | Feature
For American Jews,
the Middle East War Comes Home
August 20, 2001 | Feature
Remembering Jack Maple


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