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Derek de Koff

October 31, 2011 | Topic
Smokeless Smokes

With cigarette taxes up and smoking in bars, restaurants, and parks now banned, a subculture has grown up around “e-cigarette” nicotine-delivery devices.

February 18, 2008 | Features
This Is My Brain on Chantix

I’d heard it was the most effective stop-smoking drug yet. So I took it. Then those reports of suicidal ideation began washing in.

September 30, 2002 | music2002
The Scene: Generation W

Down and out in Williamsburg? Not exactly. How the victims of a sputtering economy are fueling a creative explosion.

February 25, 2002 | Gotham Real Estate
Strict Doorman Policy
February 11, 2002 | Feature
Home on the Roadshow
November 26, 2001 | Feature
Dramas of Dysfunction

Your folks are in town, and you've braced yourself for a clannish Thursday. Want to send a message on Friday night? Five plays that will -- ever so gently -- hint at what could be better in your family's life.

September 17, 2001 | Feature
Captain Kidd

By day, he's the path-breaking designer of book jackets every ambitious writer wants to work with; by night, he's a comic-book connoisseur and collector of kitsch. Showman and bon vivant -- and now author of a new novel -- Chip Kidd is his own superhero.

July 30, 2001 | Feature
Not in Oz Anymore

Chris Meloni jumps from TV drama to big-screen laughs in the retro spoof Wet Hot American Summer, where you may not recognize the gruff detective from Special Victims Unit (or the sex psycho from Oz).

June 25, 2001 | Feature
7 Ways To Show Gay Pride

(before and after the parade)

April 9, 2001 | Profile
At Home with the Magician: Extra Cheese