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Boris Kachka

April 7, 2008 | Book/Author Profile
The Confidence Artist

Jhumpa Lahiri isn’t afraid to provoke tears, or calls of déjà vu.

October 3, 2005 | Theater
The Rise of the Cliffs Notes Musical

After a season of shows based on the back catalogues of Elvis and John Lennon, this year’s musical-makers are borrowing from the greatest stories ever told.

October 29, 2007 | Feature
After ‘De La Guarda,’ le Déluge

Diqui James is the Argentine co-creator of De La Guarda and the man behind its sequel, Fuerzabruta, which opens this week.

December 23, 2013 |
28. Because a Wildly Ambitious 900-Page New York Novel Can Still Be a Really Big Deal—a $2 Million Deal

Garth Risk Hallberg’s City on Fire was bought last month for nearly $2 million.

December 16, 2013 |
The Cool in Her

As a novelist who’s made it to the innermost sanctum of the literary world, Rachel Kushner willfully stands apart.

November 25, 2013 |
All Conspiracy Theories Are Connected

“It is possible that one or more conclusions may be wrong.”

November 25, 2013 |
The Nazis Came From Middle Earth (and Possibly Still Live There)

A conflation of Verne-esque hollow-Earth sci-fi, proto-occult theories.

August 12, 2013 | Intelligencer
Tears for Goliath

The book world gets misty-eyed for Barnes & Noble.

March 25, 2013 | Encounter
72 Minutes With Renata Adler

Navigating someone else’s book party with the merciless writer as she tries to remember how she knows all these people.

January 14, 2013 |
The Power of Positive Publishing

How self-help ate America.

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