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Gillian Duffy

November 1, 1999 | Feature
How to Cook The Perfect Turkey

Waldy Malouf, chef-owner of Beacon, gives up his secrets for transforming the classic (read: dry) big bird into a bona fide butterball. Start with a specimen from a good (free-range) home, coddle it with a salty bath, and massage it with herbed butter. Just don't expect leftovers.

November 15, 2010 | In Season

Larger than a chicken, a little smaller than a turkey, but with more flavor and moisture than either, the capon is a French and Italian holiday favorite.

May 24, 2004 | Summer 2004
Do-It-Yourself Raw

Haute produce cuisine comes to New York—and to your kitchen.

June 30, 2003 | Summer Fun
Eat Light(ish)

It doesn’t matter how atkins you are: Sometimes (say, when it’s 98 degrees outside), you need something lighter than a T-bone or a slab of salmon.

November 14, 2005 | Feature
The Feasts

Banquets to the nth degree.

November 14, 2005 | Feature
The Blasphemist's Christmas

A decidedly nontraditional holiday dinner from chef and mad scientist Wylie Dufresne.

May 24, 1999 | Feature
A New Leaf

Basil sorbet? Sage-honey tart! The latest surprise in desserts is fresh herbs with fruit. A splendid thyme is guaranteed for all.

June 2, 2003 | Tastes of Summer
The New Cubism

Has the thrill gone out of your grill? For your next cookout, try kebabs—cubes of marinated meat or fish threaded on skewers and charcoal-grilled to sublimely caramelized perfection.

May 24, 1999 | Feature
Southern Comforts

Nearly all this season's coolest drinks hail from hotter climes.

February 21, 2005 | Feature
Haute Cuisine, Petit Space

Eric Ripert teaches New Yorkers how to cook in a tiny kitchen.

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