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Peter Rainer

April 28, 2003 | Movie Review
Life's a Pitch

In People I Know, Al Pacino brings his patented blood-and-thunder theatrics to the role of a washed-up flack trying to claw his way back to glory; Confidence feels like a scam.

April 21, 2003 | Movie Review
Fresh Air

Christopher Guest’s hilarious docu-comedy, A Mighty Wind, takes aim at the folk-music scene. Anger Management is nothing to get worked up about.

April 7, 2003 | Movie Review
High Stakes

Neil Jordan’s South of France caper, The Good Thief, is nearly done in by an overdose of glamour and glitz; happily, Nick Nolte’s dapper druggie steals the show.

March 31, 2003 | Movie Review
Teen Spirit

Peter Sollett’s sweet coming-of-age tale Raising Victor Vargas delivers a fresh take on the teen movie, thanks to the uncontrived performances of its nonprofessional cast.

March 24, 2003 | Movie Review
The Big Chiller

A straight-up shot of horror, via Stephen King’s Dreamcatcher, may restore Lawrence Kasdan’s box-office vitality; echoes of primal Mexico in Carlos Reygadas’s Japón.

March 17, 2003 | Movie Review
My Big Fat Brit Life

An unflappable soccer teen fields Bend It Like Beckham's generational anxieties; Mickey Rourke's cowboy junkie cooks up a dose of authenticity; Laurel Canyon is all about Frances.

March 4, 2002 | Movie Review
Hooray for Bollywood!

Monsoon Wedding
Big Bad Love

March 10, 2003 | Movie Review
The White Stuff

Steve Martin’s uptighty whitey in Bringing Down the House falls miserably short of being funny; in Tears of the Sun, Bruce Willis gets to play Great White Father.

March 3, 2003 | Movie Review
Twisted Web

With Spider, David Cronenberg once again demonstrates his deep affinity for decay—but gets ensnared in all the shadows; The Life of David Gale is a manifesto gone amok.

February 24, 2003 | Movie Review
Law and Disorder

In Dark Blue, Kurt Russell plays Eldon Perry, a street-smart cop who must confront his own capacity for corruption while working for a rogue unit of the LAPD.

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