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Michael Wolff

December 9, 2002 | This Media Life
One Nation Under Fox

Earnest politics makes for bad TV -- which is why the scrappy, outsider, underdog approach championed by Fox News has made it the new psychic heart of the Republican Party.

December 2, 2002 | Feature
The Price of Perfection

Cover Story: Why would Citigroup's Jack Grubman, and so many other Manhattan parents, work so hard and spend so much and pull so many strings to get their children into what are, after all, nursery schools? Hint: It's not about the kids. A frank exploration of the values and mores and rituals that drive Manhattan's private-school world.

November 25, 2002 | This Media Life
Say Nothing

Thanks to a gag order, I'm not allowed to tell you what the greatest media minds of our times have to say. (But here's a hint: Even though it's the end of the world as we know it, they feel fine!)

November 11, 2002 | This Media Life
Saving Private Arnett

Ex–CNN star Peter Arnett is heading to Iraq this week as a freelancer in hopes of one-upping CNN. But in the age of digitized battle, is there still such a thing as a war correspondent?

November 4, 2002 | This Media Life
Tina and Sympathy

You were feeling sorry for Tina Brown because Talk died? Don't. As a columnist, she's found the best way yet to reward friends, punish enemies, and, yes, keep her buzzy brand alive.

October 28, 2002 | This Media Life
War, Simplified

While others agonize over whether attacking Iraq is just, Bush presses on with his Just Do It doctrine. Think of it as the new foreign policy of intellectual disengagement.

October 21, 2002 | This Media Life
I Love Martha

If Martha Stewart gets sent away, I'll miss not only her but her genius business model: a media empire built around the idea that Martha could be paid to be Martha.

October 14, 2002 | This Media Life
Mouse, Trapped

Michael Eisner's greatest talent, we're all suddenly realizing, is for self-preservation. In the age of disposable corporate culture, he's made himself immortal by taking Disney hostage.

September 30, 2002 | This Media Life
Meet Barry Buffett

Suddenly, it seems like the Universal Studios chieftain has more than a little in common with the Oracle of Omaha: In his un-mogulness, he's become mythic, invincible, and all-knowing.

September 23, 2002 | This Media Life
Class Dismissed

The journalism school needed a dean, but Columbia's new president called off the search -- because what the J-school really needs is a clue. Welcome to the Ivy League's latest class war.

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