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Lawrence O'donnell, Jr.

August 12, 2002 | New York Magazine
Lawrence O'donnell Archive
October 2, 2000 | Feature
Politics: This Year's October Surprise?
September 18, 2000 | The National Interest
Open-Mike Nightmare

In a presidential contest so close there's no room for mistakes, Dubya made a "major league" error. It gave Gore the lead -- and may send George back to the Bush leagues.

September 4, 2000 | The National Interest
Flipping the Script

Everyone thinks Bush will emerge from the debates covered in Gore -- but the vice-president's overstatements could give him the opening he needs. How Dubya can rewrite the ending.

August 21, 2000 | The National Interest
Bush-League Bravery

Gore turned to Lieberman for help with his real opponents -- Clinton's legacy and his own stiffness. Did he pick a nominee so upstanding he towers over the top of the ticket?

August 14, 2000 | The National Interest
Speech Therapy

America wasn't exactly transfixed by the GOP convention, but the Philly confab did produce some worthy rhetoric -- as well as plenty of podium pentathol.

July 31, 2000 | The National Interest
Albert's Hubert Problem

A sitting vice-president heads to a convention where an angry left plans protests? To Al Gore, that's a pretty scary flashback.

July 10, 2000 | The National Interest
Third Party Poopers

Third Party Poopers In a close race for the middle, Buchanan and Nader are forcing Bush and Gore to watch their flanks. The unlikely power player? Rush Limbaugh.

June 19, 2000 | The National Interest
Game Theory

It's election halftime. Bush and Gore took their blows in the primaries -- now it's time for game-plan adjustments. Here's what they need to hear in the locker room.

June 5, 2000 | The National Interest
Drug World War

Who could argue that lowering the cost of AIDS drugs for Africa is a bad thing? No one -- but noble choices can have disastrous effects.