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Peggy Edersheim Kalb

April 10, 2000 | Feature
The Next Best Things

Not since Robert Moses have there been so many large-scale building projects in the pipeline. Eight blueprints that stand to alter the city's genetic makeup.

March 6, 2000 | The City Politic
Screening Rooms

Baiting customers with myriad online listings, real-estate brokerages look to become the eBays of the city's scarce apartment supply.

December 13, 1999 | Feature
Barb Wired

So what if Barbara Corcoran has sold only three apartments in her life? The lady in red runs the second-largest residential real-estate agency in the city and owns the market for sound bites.

April 12, 1999 | Feature
A Cool Million

A million dollars used to mean something; now it's just a place to start the bidding. So what's left to buy in the low seven figures?

January 19, 1998 | Feature
Funds & Games

Wall Street’s brainiest bankers are parachuting out of high-flying firms to run risky hedge funds. Returns are so high that their zillionaire clients don’t care what goes on behind closed doors.