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Mark Stevens

February 28, 2000 | Art Review
Tomb It May Concern

Because the ancients painted on wood, some of their most glorious art is dust; all the more reason to treasure the "mummy portraits" at the Met.

February 21, 2000 | Art Review
Surfing the Guggenheim

Nam June Paik has spent his career thinking inside the box -- the TV -- and his retrospective is broadband, with hundreds of fascinating channels.

February 7, 2000 | Art Review
This American Life

Walker Evans's photographs, on exhibit at the Met, transcend all the platitudes -- providing a portrait of the American soul.

January 24, 2000 | Art Review
Scars and Stripes

Two shows at the Museum of Natural History look at people who decorate their bodies and at butterflies, who have no choice in the matter.

December 13, 1999 | Art Review
Thomas Schütte
December 13, 1999 | Art Review
Fresh Meat

The paintings of Jenny Saville, the latest prodigy from the Freud-Bacon school of British fleshmongers, amount to a kind of anti-advertising.

December 6, 1999 | Art Review
Visionary Positions

Artists once dreamed about the future; now they just worry about Y2K like the rest of us. Here, three shows look to the past for a vision of a brave new world.

November 15, 1999 | Art Review
Shooting the Breeze

In the casually snapped photographs of Daido Moriyama, the boundaries between art and life, like the images themselves, can be blurry.

November 8, 1999 | Art Review
Seeing Is Believing:
700 Years of Scientific and Medical Illustration

The Public Library uncovers anatomy of a different sort.

November 8, 1999 | Art Review
Social X-Rays

The Guggenheim reveals Francisco Clemente in all his voluptuary, self-involved glory.

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