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Nikki Finke

February 28, 2000 | Feature
Prophet and Loss

A manic money manager with a lust for celebrity, Dana Giacchetto played with Leo and Ben, Cameron and Courteney, while their millions were in safe keeping with his Cassandra Group. But when the party spun out of control, Giacchetto was the last to get the message.

February 7, 2000 | Hollywood
American Duty

Along with watching the ball drop on New Year's Eve and overeating during the Super Bowl, we have a common need to handicap the Oscars; herewith, an insider's tip sheet.

November 29, 1999 | Hollywood

Jay Moloney enjoyed wealth, power, and an exceedingly rich life -- everything Hollywood had to offer Mike Ovitz's heir apparent, except the ability to survive.

August 30, 1999 | Hollywood
Playing the Percentages

When Jim Wiatt jumped to the William Morris Agency after twenty years at ICM, the message was clear -- when the studios' profits dwindle, it's every agent for himself.

July 26, 1999 | Hollywood
Eyes Wide Open

Bob Daly and Terry Semel may have had Hollywood's most stable partnership, but their decision to leave Warner Bros. after twenty years underscores how moribund Hollywood is.

June 21, 1999 | Feature
Revenge of the Nerds IV: Net Results
May 31, 1999 | Hollywood
Comedies Tonight

As chinks begin to appear in NBC's once-invincible lineup, prime-time TV looks like a free-for-all for the first time in years -- yet the networks ordered up fewer new shows than ever.

May 24, 1999 | Hollywood
Menace, Anyone?

As the summer movie season gets under way, there's that "Star Wars" prequel -- and then there's everything else. Here's how the studios will fare against the "Phantom" juggernaut.

May 17, 1999 | Feature
Small-Minded: Hollywood Comes Up Short
May 10, 1999 | Hollywood
The Mice That Roared

No one in the land of handshake deals expected Jeffrey Katzenberg's quarter-billion-dollar dispute with Disney to go public; now that it has, the town is transfixed.