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Nikki Finke

March 15, 1999 | Hollywood
Much Ado About Oscar

If "Shakespeare in Love" beats "Saving Private Ryan" for the top Oscar on March 21, movie-biz insiders will likely credit -- or blame -- Miramax's blitzkrieg campaign.

September 28, 1998 | Hollywood
Agent Provocateur

L.A. watches, bemused and horrified, as Mike Ovitz courts a hot young manager and plots a return to the talent business. Is it for real, or merely diversion from the Livent debacle?

August 3, 1998 | Feature
Hamptons Heat Wave:
Spielberg, Phone Home
June 29, 1998 | Hollywood
Sun Valley Daze

Herbert Allen's annual retreat for Hollywood moguls and Wall Street tycoons once was secret, and nearly all-male. Is a p.c. wind sweeping through the Idaho hills?

June 1, 1998 | Hollywood
Seven Days in May

Every spring, Hollywood descends on Manhattan to tout the new fall TV shows, and every spring, we scratch our heads and wonder, "What were they thinking?"