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Meryl Gordon

October 5, 1998 | Feature
No More Mr. Nice Guy

With the death of owner Glenn Bernbaum, the party's suddenly over at Mortimer's. Café society breaks out the black armbands and exorcises a friend's demons.

June 15, 1998 | Feature
Is this man ready for Prime Time?

This month, David Westin finally took the helm at ABC News, inheriting a division reeling from colliding egos and sagging ratings. But can a Jimmy Stewartish lawyer with no news experience restore the House that Roone Built?

January 12, 1998 | Feature
Little Big Man

A self-described “short Jewish guy” who slept through yeshiva and did stand-up in the Catskills, Ben Brafman has become one of New York’s toughest defense attorneys, winning surprising acquittals for rather long-shot clients. Can he do the same for Daphne Abdela and Peter Gatien?

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