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Steve Bodow

November 19, 2007 | Intelligencer
His Moment of Zen

On the barricades with the head writer of The Daily Show.

December 20, 2004 | It Happened This Year: A Guide to 2004
Jon Stewart Became Bigger Than the Last Anchor...You Know, the One from Canada.

Now, a Daily Show writer maps out a brave new brand-extension plan.

April 2, 2001 | Feature
The '99ers

The dot-com gold rush lured type-A New Yorkers to San Francisco to seek their fortunes. The bust is bringing them back.

March 26, 2001 | Feature
The Whitney's Digital Sampler

Tech-savvy artists are painting with keyboards, sculpting with software, and avoiding natural light -- it interferes with their plasma screens. Now they're being welcomed by the Whitney Museum. Can they bring the art world up to code?

January 1, 2001 | Feature
Silicon Alley 2.0
Crash Reboot Relaunch

While Silicon Alley is still paying for its first-round excesses, the smart money is primed to get back in the ring. But don't call it a dot-comback: the new contenders come from geekier stock. Can you say "distributed computing"?

September 4, 2000 | Feature
Theater: Camera Obscura

More than 2,500 electronic eyes are pointed at pedestrians in Manhattan -- and one street-theater group is ready for its close-up.

July 24, 2000 | Feature
Networking It

Networking it what's a well-connected nightclub impresario like Andrew Rasiej doing in the internet business? He's bringing live music straight from clubs to computers. And in his spare time, he's busy wiring city schools and hooking up politicians.

April 3, 2000 | The Bottom Line
Routers to Riches

By laying down the tracks of the Internet, Cisco has become the railroad of the New Economy. And the phone business may ensure it's not at the end of its growth track.

February 21, 2000 | The Bottom Line
Track Record

Obsessed with "unlocking value," blue-chip companies are spinning off their digital divisions as separate stocks. But if the bull stumbles, will there be blood on the tracks?

January 10, 2000 | The Bottom Line
Is That Your Final Offer?

The technology of the twenty-first century is bringing back the marketplace of the eighteenth. But do consumers really want to bid for their breakfast?