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Ethan Brown

September 25, 2000 | Pop Music Review
Dance Fevered

Madonna gets back to where she once belonged -- the dance floor -- and gets by with a little help from her producer friends.

September 11, 2000 | Feature
Fall Preview: Nightlife / Tunnel Vision

Peter Gatien has faced tax-evasion charges, an angry mayor, and fickle clubgoers who would rather lounge than dance. But he's riding the wave of D.J. culture back into the Limelight.

September 11, 2000 | Feature
Fall Preview: Nightlife
September 11, 2000 | Feature
Fall Preview: Pop Music
August 28, 2000 | Pop Music Review
Songs From Big Tent

Wyclef Jean and De La Soul court new constituencies on albums packed with guest stars. But while De La Soul parties, Wyclef panders.

August 7, 2000 | Feature
The Tabs Keep Tabs on Tabs
July 31, 2000 | Feature
Rap Sheet

For F.E.D.S. publisher Antoine Clark, true crime pays.

July 24, 2000 | Feature
Nightlife: Paradise Lost

D.J.'s and producers remember the Garage -- even if they weren't there.

July 24, 2000 | Feature

Once just for raves, ecstasy is now all the rage -- the favorite party pill of Wall Streeters, prep-school kids, and mall rats alike. Smugglers (JFK is their favorite route) may be the most ecstatic of all -- but the government is definitely not amused.

June 26, 2000 | Pop Music Review
Classless Clown

Rap upstart Eminem -- a.k.a. Slim Shady -- once played the picked-on white kid. But success has made him slimmer, shadier, and far less fun.

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