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Chris Smith

October 30, 2000 | Feature
The Hunger
October 23, 2000 | Feature
Baseball Ballot

Who knew the Senate race would be decided by how Mets and Yankees fans vote? Better switch that hat, Hillary!

October 2, 2000 | Feature
Are the Mets Cursed?

For all their talent and character, Piazza and his team can't seem to do things the easy way -- which makes for amazing September drama.

September 4, 2000 | Feature
Sick of Ew

How did a star like Patrick Ewing wind up becoming the man New Yorkers hate to love?

August 14, 2000 | The City Politic
Call In Powell

Showcasing a Benetton ad's worth of moderate conservatives, Bush has embarked on a journey to the center. Will the right stay quiet for the ride?

July 10, 2000 | Feature
Which Rick Do You Pick?

Is Senate candidate Rick Lazio a Gingrich clone or a moderate? Altar boy, or shrewd infighter? There are plenty of Lazios to go around -- which makes him a formidable politician.

May 8, 2000 | Feature
Sports: Play Stations

Where Van Gundy places his go-to guys during Knicks nail-biters.

April 10, 2000 | Feature
Uptown Boomtown

Race and real estate, New York's two greatest passions, cross paths in Harlem, as a community that's been rebuilding itself at warp speed attracts enlightened bargain hunters from downtown.

March 27, 2000 | Feature
Sports: New York Nicked

Erick Barkley isn't the first city kid to have money call his name.

November 8, 1999 | Sports
Yankees Family Values

This year (since nobody entertained the idea that the mighty Yankees wouldn't go all the way), the best baseball stories were off the field.

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