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Chris Smith

October 13, 1999 | Feature
October 13-14, 1999
October 12, 1999 | Feature
October 12, 1999: the Mets vs. the Braves, Game One
October 11, 1999 | Sports
The Real Subway Series

On the field, the Mets have been a bitter disappointment. But they're on the verge of a TV play that will give George Steinbrenner's Yankees fits.

October 9, 1999 | Feature
October 9, 1999: The Mets, Game Four
October 8, 1999 | Feature
October 8, 1999: The Yankees vs. The Rangers, Game Two
October 8, 1999 | Feature
October 8, 1999: The Mets, Game Three
October 4, 1999 | Feature
October 4-5, 1999: The Yankees vs. the Rangers, Game One
August 2, 1999 | Feature
Crazy As He Wants To Be

Before Abe Hirschfeld's trial for tax evasion (he's also accused of trying to hire a hit man to go after a business partner), a psychiatrist found him legally sane -- an opinion about which reasonable people may disagree.

July 19, 1999 | Feature
The Quiet Man

When a convicted sex offender moves in next door, you want to be told. That's what Megan's Law is all about. But for some offenders, it can turn the neighborhood into a powder keg. And for others, like Frank Penna, the punishment may not fit the crime at all.

June 28, 1999 | Feature
Helluva Summer

Murder, drugs, group sex, Reggie Jackson, and wall-to-wall disco: Sounds like New York in 1977. Welcome to Spike Lee's idea of fun.

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