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Chris Smith

June 28, 1999 | Feature
Helluva Summer

Murder, drugs, group sex, Reggie Jackson, and wall-to-wall disco: Sounds like New York in 1977. Welcome to Spike Lee's idea of fun.

June 21, 1999 | Feature
Morality Playoffs

Spike Lee critiques the Knicks' narrative arc.

May 3, 1999 | Sports
Free Darryl

Sportswriters have exploited Darryl Strawberry as a symbol of baseball's rebirth and as a harbinger of the game's imminent decline -- maybe it's time to leave the man alone.

April 26, 1999 | Feature
Doctor No

Are New York City M.D.'s turning their backs on Kosovo?

February 8, 1999 | Sports
CBS's Hail Mary

When CBS paid the NFL $4 billion for TV rights over eight years, it seemed an all-or-nothing gamble -- and it paid off, a giant victory for sport as entertainment product.

December 7, 1998 | Feature
Tony Ricco Sleeps Very Well, Thank You.

Defending lowlifes hasn't made him Mr. Popularity. But he knows firsthand what his clients are up against -- and where they've come from.

October 5, 1998 | Feature
How the Stock Market Swallowed New York
July 27, 1998 | Feature
The Bronx Coup

These Yankees don't blast tape-measure home runs. They don't come to blows in the clubhouse. They don't do anything interesting but win. So what can stop them from becoming the greatest baseball team of all time? Inside the Big Blue Machine.

June 29, 1998 | Feature
Summer Fun
Day Tripping: Staten Island

The borough that man -- or Manhattanites, anyway -- forgot is a ferry tale of pony rides, windswept beaches, and the world's first Wu-Tang Clan gift shop.

June 1, 1998 | Feature
Do Not Adjust Your Set

You are about to read about a man who is hounded by cameras, his every foible dissected by a world of voyeurs. But wait: Is that the story of Jim Carrey’s new movie “The Truman Show”? Or the story of his life?

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