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David Denby

January 15, 2001 | Movie Review
Lady Stuck

The Portrait of a Lady

October 19, 1998 | Movie Review

In the brilliant, disturbing 'Happiness,' Todd Solondz gets in close to his characters, only to find misery in search of company, cruelty disdainful of absolution.

October 12, 1998 | Movie Review
In Brief: "Lolita"

Adrian Lyne's sober "Lolita" misses Nabokov's joke.

October 12, 1998 | Movie Review
Ants in Their Pants

In "Antz," Woody Allen again snares a young beauty -- Sharon Stone -- but this time she's an insect and so is he.

October 5, 1998 | Movie Review
In Brief:
"A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries" and "Rush Hour"
October 5, 1998 | Movie Review
Ronin the Barbarian

He and his pals chase cars, send kiwis and rutabagas flying, wallow in blood, and generally wreak havoc. What Ronin & Co. don't do is make a whole lot of sense.

September 28, 1998 | Movie Review
The Runaround

"Without Limits" is a finely made, powerfully moral tale of a long-distance runner, but it's also a little boring.

August 24, 1998 | Art Review
Lust Life

Nicholas Barker's disturbingly intimate "Unmade Beds" looks and listens intently as four singles search for love in New York City -- and, naturally, come up short.

August 17, 1998 | Movie Review
Long Shot

Nothing else in "Snake Eyes"' matches the exquisite thrill of Brian De Palma's opening sequence, a sustained prologue reminiscent of Altman and Welles.

August 3, 1998 | Movie Review
Quite Contrary

"There's Something About Mary" wraps a romantic comedy in frat-house humor.