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Michael Tomasky

October 25, 1999 | Feature
Rudy to City: Pay Up and Shut Up!
October 18, 1999 | The National Interest
Austin's Power

George W strode into town last week searching for the Republican center while the party's far right faltered. But can he stay the course so early in the game?

October 11, 1999 | The City Politic
Law & Ordure

The mayor has every right to attack dung-flecked art -- except the right to sanction a museum showing it. As if such particulars ever mattered to the Scarpia of City Hall.

September 27, 1999 | The City Politic
My Darling Clemency

The offer to pardon FALN terrorists inspired a textbook case of political hot potato as the mayor, the "Post," and even the cardinal lobbed burning spuds Hillary's way.

September 13, 1999 | The National Interest
Slow Burn

Republicans in Congress are again on a Janet Reno witch hunt over Waco, but the real culprit is the insular, arrogant culture of the FBI.

September 6, 1999 | Feature
The Baron of the Bronx

Don't think of Fernando Ferrer as the Latino candidate for mayor. Think of him as the one who's overseen the rebirth of New York City's toughest borough.

September 6, 1999 | Feature
Soul of the New Machine

Building coalitions where none existed, county leader Roberto Ramirez has turned the Bronx into a critical Democratic stronghold.

July 19, 1999 | The City Politic
Hill Country

Hillary Clinton may not be a seasoned pol, but she kicked off her Senate campaign like one, coming on not like gangbusters but like someone with all the time in the world.

June 28, 1999 | The National Interest
Don't Be a Stranger

How are you going to keep Hillary down on the farm now that she's seen Elmira? The upstate city that's become a metaphor for the First Lady's foray into state politics.

June 14, 1999 | The City Politic
Centrist Casting

Rudy Giuliani isn't the only sort-of-moderate Republican looking to rent a Senate seat; meet Suffolk County congressman Rick Lazio, preaching the unlikely gospel of inclusion.

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