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Jo B. Hoffman

February 3, 2003 | Feature
Market Forces

A lot of flea markets disappeared as the boom years turned vacant lots into towers (though we hear that the Upper West Side's P.S. 9 flea will return in April). Below, a guide to the survivors.

February 3, 2003 | Feature
Take Up a Collection

One man's junk is another's treasure— and a great dealer helps with hunting and gathering better than anyone. Whether you're looking for a gift or cultivating your own passion, start here.

November 25, 2002 | Feature
Sweet Charity

You've picked the perfect bauble for everyone from your baby-sitter to your brother-in-law. Why not play Santa Claus to someone you don't know? The city is filled with organizations that need your dollars more than ever -- and it might well be the most meaningful exchange you'll have all year.

February 15, 1999 | Feature
Party Like It's 1999
August 17, 1998 | Feature
Goodwill Hunting

Shopping for a good cause -- and surprisingly good, cheap clothes, furniture, and other miscellaneous castoffs -- at the city's thrift shops.