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Gael Greene

November 13, 2000 | Feature
High Steaks
November 13, 2000 | Feature
Eating Las Vegas

Can a finicky gourmand who hates to gamble and can't stand crowds possibly find happiness in the loudest, craziest, most garish city in America? Gael Greene says you can bet on it.

August 14, 2000 | Feature
Gold-Plate Special

At his sky-high-priced new restaurant, Alain Ducasse is redefining the term "value meal." But are these really the best frogs' legs money can buy?

July 31, 2000 | Feature
Hamptons 2000 /
Ask Gael: Hamptons Edition

Armed with notebook -- and large, floppy hat -- the Insatiable Critic devours the South Fork.

July 24, 2000 | The Insatiable Critic
Deep Knish

Chopped-liver king Shelly Fireman decides to add a touch of sensuous finesse to his earthy repertoire; Larry Forgione brings a touch of class to Times Square.

June 26, 2000 | The Insatiable Critic
AZ You Like It

Chef Patricia Yeo's gorgeous and gutsy global shenanigans bring new luster to 17th Street; Revel seems a bit greedy, even for the Upper East Side.

May 29, 2000 | The Insatiable Critic

Matthew Kenney's Commune may be scalded by its own heat.

May 29, 2000 | The Insatiable Critic
Vine Connoisseur

Chef John Tesar's Wall Street gamble looks like it will pay dividends.

February 7, 2000 | Feature
The First Foodie

Gael Greene remembers Craig Claiborne.

January 10, 2000 | The Insatiable Critic
One Man's Frites

We'll always have Paris, as long as Keith McNally keeps obsessively re-creating his dream French bistro, true to the last faux nicotine stain.

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