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Rene Chun

February 12, 2001 | Feature
Tommy's Tumble

Tommy Hilfiger's stock price was plummeting. The hip-hop crowd was deserting him. The fashion flock was dissing him. And he'd split with his wife. Tommy Hilfiger, fashion victim? Not for long.

July 10, 2000 | Feature
Decorators in the Haute Seat

A glittering client list and undeniably exquisite taste helped establish Stephen Sills and James Huniford as the hottest design team in town. The mansion they were building for a Philadelphia credit-card king was to be their masterpiece. Instead, it allegedly became an $80 million money pit that has exposed them to charges of price-gouging and shockingly undecorous behavior.

June 14, 1999 | Feature
Spree Well

Wall Street's spending habits have never been so irrationally exuberant. Take a chauffeur-driven Mercedes CLS sedan to your Boeing jet and make it out to your South Fork McMansion just in time for dinner at Nick & Toni's. It's all about keeping up with Ron Perelman.

May 24, 1999 | Feature

Q: I'd been lusting after that Knoll leather sofa ever since I saw it in Wallpaper magazine with five near-nude models draped across the cushions like flesh-colored throws. And then, miraculously, I scored one at the 26th Street flea market. Problem is, the leather is beyond repair.

August 17, 1998 | Feature
Home Work

IKEA may offer one-stop shopping, but it can get monotonous. New York's four furniture districts offer infinite, fascinating variety -- and they're not in Jersey.

May 11, 1998 | Profile
Heeeeeeeeere's Joey!

Two years in Hollywood haven't been kind to Joey Buttafuoco, but with a new haircut and a talk show (okay, on public access), he's putting his reputation through rehab.