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Jennifer Senior

September 13, 1999 | Feature
Theater Preview
August 23, 1999 | Feature
La Dolce Alfonse!

Wait a minute! Al D'Amato lost the election, but now he's got more money, more babes, and more clout than ever? Life really is unfair.

June 14, 1999 | Feature
The Magic Number

Everybody has a price, the amount it would take to live well without ever working again. But now that the dot-com generation has redefined the playing field, the price is higher than ever. Does $10 million sound about right?

June 7, 1999 | Best Doctors
Dr. Jacob D. Rozbruch: Dem Bones
May 17, 1999 | Feature
Humor Came Her

As a new collection shows, Veronica Geng was among the funniest writers of her generation. When she died, the New York literary world lost one of its most alluring (and difficult) figures.

March 15, 1999 | Feature
Sex, Lies, and Cyberspace

Broadway's nasty-talk season continues with Patrick Marber's Closer, about two pairs of deceptively honest lovers.

February 22, 1999 | The Culture Business
The Name Game

Stars are taking to our stages -- uptown and down, on Broadway and Off -- in unusual numbers, keeping some shows and even some theaters alive. But at what cost?

February 15, 1999 | Feature
The Life of Brian

After a drought in Hollywood playing invisible roles in disposable movies, two-fisted actor Brian Dennehy rebounds on Broadway with a crushing portrayal of Willy Loman in "Death of a Salesman."

February 1, 1999 | Profile
He's Got The World On A String

String theory is the hottest development in physics since Stephen Hawking first peered into a black hole -- and Columbia physicist Brian Greene is one of the few people who can explain it. He also acts in Pinter plays and packs lecture halls, and his new book, "The Elegant Universe," is getting rapturous advance reviews. Has "the Theory of Everything" finally found the spokesman it deserves?

June 1, 1998 | Feature
Woman, Interrupted

Lynda Hong knew Edmund Ko, her old flame from Cornell, was troubled, drifting off track. Was he capable of murder?

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