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Vanessa Grigoriadis

January 15, 2001 | Profile
Mole Man

At 33, Anderson Cooper has been a model, a war correspondent, and an anchorman. Now Gloria Vanderbilt's son has gone underground -- as host of a new show, The Mole.

January 1, 2001 | Feature
Unemployment Online

Now that Silicon Alley has gone from Internet easy street to virtual skid row, what are all the Ivy League English Majors who used to have $90,000 marketing jobs going to do for an encore?

December 4, 2000 | Feature
The Model Vanishes

Lourdes Gruart walked the runways in Milan and Paris for more than a decade. But as her career waned and she felt her jet-set social life slipping away, she became engulfed in paranoia, romantic obsession, and an enthusiasm for Santería. Then she disappeared.

October 23, 2000 | Feature
Yenta Takes Manhattan

If you're young, sexy, stylish, slim, and upwardly mobile (preferably Jewish too), boy, does Janis Spindel have the guy for you!

October 2, 2000 | Feature
Best in Shoe

Stiletto king Manolo Blahnik, hitting Manhattan for just 24 hours, brings the city to heel.

July 31, 2000 | Feature
Hamptons 2000 / Weekend In Brand-Hampton

Synergy Spa is "All about the A-list bonding with product," says its hostess. But where's the A-list?

May 22, 2000 | Feature
After Hours: Lotus Blossoms

Calling all models! Hold the attitude! Four clubland veterans race to open Gotham's next hot spot.

May 1, 2000 | Feature
Gramercy's Gadfly

O. Aldon James Jr., the eccentric president of the National Arts Club, wants to convert Gramercy Park into a public Garden of Eden. But some neighbors think he's the snake.

April 17, 2000 | Profile
35 Under 35

No, they're not all on the Net, and "Page Six" mentions didn't really factor in. (Sorry, Monica!) But a Who's Who of the city's Working Class turns up 35 who are anything but washed up -- yet.

March 13, 2000 | Feature
Managing Editors

Behind every staggering genius and infinite jester is a book-business A&R man hip enough to hang with the band.

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