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John Leonard

October 15, 2007
Charmed and Dangerous

A sultry Angie Harmon makes The Women’s Murder Club a pleasure; Life feels more like punishment.

October 8, 2007
'Five Days'

Be thankful that this BBC co-production takes its sweet time exploring the story of a blonde young mother and her two small mixed-race children who disappear from a roadside in the suburbs outside London.

October 8, 2007
'Back to You'

By now you know that shortly before self-important TV news anchorperson Chuck Darling left Pittsburgh for Los Angeles, he actually knocked up the co-anchor he was about to leave behind.

October 8, 2007
Embarrassment of Riches

Dirty Sexy Money takes welcome jabs at the upper crust, while Gossip Girl offers predators in kneesocks.

September 24, 2007
Are You Sitting Down?

With time travelers, vampire detectives, grim reapers, and bionic women, the new TV lineup runs from intriguing to absurd.

September 17, 2007

In a bunker beneath Cardiff, in a convenient rift in the space-time continuum, Captain Jack’s supersecret “Torchwood” team of young scientist-investigators use scavenged alien technology to identify and eliminate unwelcome alien invaders.

September 17, 2007
Most Honorable Son

Meet Ben Kuroki, now 90 years old. A Nebraska-born Nisei he volunteered for the Army after Pearl Harbor, served on an elite B-24 bomber unit, was captured in North Africa and escaped, and flew 30 missions over Europe and another 28 over Japan.

September 17, 2007
The Big Uneasy

In the cop drama K-Ville, New Orleans serves as a stormy backdrop for low-rent noir and pent-up rage.

September 3, 2007 |
Let the Witness Speak

Ken Burns returns with The War, fifteen hours on WWII. Does the Greatest Generation make for great TV?

August 13, 2007
Slouching Toward La-La Land

In Californication, another cranky novelist goes Hollywood, bamboozled by sun and skin.

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