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Ken Tucker

September 12, 2005 | Fall Preview 2005 - Television
Out of the Frying Pan

Bad-boy chef Anthony Bourdain and his notorious kitchen high jinks get fictionalized for the small screen.

September 12, 2005 | Fall Preview 2005 - Movies
The Final Frontier

Serenity’s not a slam-dunk because—d’ohh!—I forgot to put Dakota Fanning in it!

September 12, 2005 | Fall Preview 2005 - Movies
Screen Locally, Film Globally

The 43rd New York Film Festival kicks off with the very New Yorky 'Good Night, and Good Luck.' a biopic of newsman Edward R. Murrow.

September 5, 2005 | Movie Review
Carré Nation

In the thrilling 'Constant Gardener,' opposites attract and political skulduggery is everywhere.

August 15, 2005 | Movie Review
Ex Marks the Spot

Bill Murray’s wise, devastating performance in Broken Flowers may move you to tears.

August 8, 2005 | Feature
New York Brand: Gregory La Cava

The world is greased with banana oil,” he enthuses. “The people want excitement, sensation, baloney, and we’ve got to give it to ’em!” Gregory La Cava, who died at the age of 59, certainly poured a fine brand of banana oil over his movies.

August 8, 2005 | Television
In Defense of ‘The Comeback’

When it comes to savoring a series that’s really reaching—in the best sense—'The Comeback' is far more ambitious than it’s getting credit for.

August 8, 2005 | Movie Review
Blue Man Group

The documentary The Aristocrats showcases 102 fabulous comics—and one really dirty joke.

July 25, 2005 | Movie Review

Johnny Depp’s Wonka is nuttily fascinating, but the movie around him seems only half-baked.

July 18, 2005 | Movie Review
Smart Attack

Spielberg’s thrilling, scary 'War of the Worlds': an action flick with genuine post-9/11 resonance.

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